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Below are some recent success stories from BHI graduates.

Elena Grant
Apr 05, 2024

I’m a current Medical Aesthetician student in Ms.Cathy’s class… she is absolutely amazing!!!!! Couldn’t wait to give her a review. She is caring, extremely knowledgeable, professional, funny, and helpful. I feel lucky to have her as my instructor. The rest of the staff is wonderful as well. If you’re thinking about enrolling, I encourage you to go for it. No regrets!

Inna Kloer
Oct 05, 2023

I had the best experience at BHI. All teachers are very professional. I recommend Beauty and Health Institute.

Rebecca Castro
Oct 05, 2023

I have had such a wonderful experience with BHI. I had so much wonderful teachers that I have grown to really appreciate.

Allyson JoAnna
Jul 13, 2023

My experience at BHI was the best. I loved my laser teacher Ms Bobbie and my facial teacher Ms B. We learned everything i wanted to and i’m so excited to take my knowledge into the field!! I highly recommend and will miss my time at BHI so much:(

Julia Altilio
Jul 13, 2023

I attended BHI for the medical aesthetician license, and I could not recommend this school more!! From the teachers to the equipment to the products we us, this school is the best of the best. Ms Bobbie was my teacher for the laser program, she is beyond educated and full of experience! You are lucky if you can land a spot in her class, she is absolutely amazing. I had Ms Bianca (who is unfortunately no longer there) and Ms Betul for the facial program. Both are amazing and educated on skin care. BHI uses top notch equipment for laser and for skincare. They have Candela Laser, SkinPen microneedling, Casamara masks, Hydrafacial machines, Dectro electrology units, just everything we used here is the best in the industry. They have great discounts and deals on products, supplies and machines once you graduate. 10/10 school. I’m sad I graduated 🙁 I will miss seeing the teachers and staff every day.

Mayra Quinones
Jul 12, 2023

My experience here at BHI has been incredibly amazing!!! Mrs. Cathy is so wonderful, sweet, kind, respectful, and very knowledgeable!!! Ms. Maria the receptionist is so sweet, friendly, and approachable. I highly recommend this school.

Jul 11, 2023

I’m giving Ms.Cathy 5 stars. She’s such an amazing teacher. I wish I was moving on to the next semester with her. She’s so great love love love her.

Katherine Eve Bruner
Jul 11, 2023

Ms.Cathy is the absolute best teacher! The energy that she gives to her students is incredible but also the passion she has for her job is truly inspiring! 10/10 teacher

Jace D
Jul 11, 2023

I really enjoyed my time at BHI, the teachers are thorough and genuinely have you best interest at heart.

Jun 27, 2023

Miss Brittany has made all the difference! Shes educated in all things skin. No one could stump her lol. But she also never made anyone feel like their questions weren’t important. Shes so so kind and you can absolutely tell this is her calling! So lucky to have received her input, her hands on and especially her glow! Honestly Miss Brittany is amazing soul

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