Testimonials & Success Stories

Below are some recent success stories from BHI graduates.


I enjoyed my time here at BHI! I learned so much and wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for Ms.Brittany!

Lisa Moseley

Incredibly happy with Miss Brittany. She is a fantastic teacher, very motivating and thorough.

Natalie Harmon

Brittany was amazing and made her students are priority. She was so detailed and always ready to help us with everything and or anything. She is what made BHI the best experience possible.


Loved the medical aesthetician program…there were some bumps in the road along the way but I feel like the school did everything they could to fix them.


I loved school! It was such a great learning experience and I feel confident in my knowledge. The hands on was my favorite part and that is something I wouldn’t change

Michelle Regan

Great place to go to school. The teachers are so knowledge and make learning so much fun!!

Gina Thackeray

This school is light years better then the previous beauty school I attended. The atmosphere is very supportive and they provide you with professional contacts and do what they can to teach us how to go out there and get a job. Classes aren’t too big, so you get good individualized attention. They teach professionalism because they truly want you to succeed.

Kylee Kortman

I had a very great experience here, ms.Brittany was an amazing teacher, and I absolutely loved the school.


I had a great experience here at BHI and I highly recommend everyone to enroll for classes here. Lovely staff, instructors and students!

Taimi Gonzalez

Best class with ms Brittany!! Thank you for all the knowledge and skills learn

Success Stories

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