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Below are some recent success stories from BHI graduates.

Kamelya Kizar
Jan 26, 2022

I just graduated from beauty and health institute and had such a wonderful experience that I was actually sad to go! I cannot say enough wonderful things about Mrs.Olga. I feel truly lucky to have crossed paths with such a knowledgeable and kind woman. She put 100% into teaching her students and genuinely cared about us. She always made an effort to keep the class interesting and teach with high energy! She also spent extra time with students who were struggling and made sure no one got left behind. These are all qualities that are hard to come across nowadays. Overall great experience! Administrative staff were always very kind and professional as well.

Chloe Justice
Jan 24, 2022

Starting BHI was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I learned so much over a short period and saw it on my face. I got into esthetics because I suffered from skin issues and not only wanted to help solve it for myself but, take what I have learned and help others too. Everything I have learned, I have applied to myself and to others and have seen in the improvements. Seeing the confidence return in my clients has been so fascinating and satisfying. I’m grateful for BHI because the teachers were so enthusiastic about skin that it made my passion grow even more.

Jan 17, 2022

I went to BHI for the full time Medical Esthetician program and I am very pleased with my experience. I learned so much in the time frame I was there in both the facial class and electrolysis class. My electrolysis and laser instructor Jenn was always willing to review the information over again if we needed and made the learning environment enjoyable. I do wish there was more hands on in the laser/ electrolysis side, but I know there are improvements being made for future students. I'm very thankful for the experience and instructors that I had to make my time there that much better.

Jan 13, 2022

I have been so excited to write this review. I have nothing but great things to say! This school is 10/10 absolutely amazing! I was extremely nervous to find a school I was going to be comfortable at. I did SO much research on all the schools in the area and let me tell you, the minute I walked in the door for my school tour I knew this was the place for me. If you are in the same boat, stop right now and schedule your tour. I graduate this week and I am so sad to be leaving. I knew little to nothing about skin coming in and I feel so prepared and ready for my next journey. You will get all the knowledge and education you need here!! It’s mainly hands on learning which was my favorite part of school. Everyone who works here is so professional and friendly as well. You won’t find a better staff anywhere else. You are always welcomed with such a warm friendly smile every morning from Gianna. Jesmen is always walking around with a smile and happy to help you with anything you need! Ms B and Ms Cathy (skincare instructors) are THE most amazing instructors you will never get!! I can’t say enough great things about this place. I can’t wait to continue my education in the future. Thank you BHI!!! ♥️

Jan 13, 2022

I am so much Excited to write this review.I was nervous on the first day of the school but when I met all the staff and my skin care instructor (Ms.Cathy)I was so comfortable,my BHI experience is excellent …I just got graduated When I came to BHI for tour in very first time I had great feeling Staff is so good and knowledgeable They are very welcoming… You will get lots of Hands on Experience in BHI while studying and that is very important .you will be completely confident in the school only … I got really good knowledge of everything… Whoever is searching for the school Please don’t wait and plan a tour It is really worth coming here You will be a complete new person after the school Ms.Cathy (instructor) she was my teacher she is the best very polite calm and lots of confidence All staff and teachers are good but I had her experience This is the right place to start your career 👍

Zorielis Soto
Jan 06, 2022

What an amazing experience! Recommended school for sure! They have an amazing team and quality education.

Brianna Quintero
Jan 05, 2022

Everyone is so kind and amazing! Thank you!!!!

Jacob Berezin
Nov 30, 2021

Best school I have ever been too! Amazing teachers and facilities, would highly recommend to anyone getting into the beauty industry.

Carrie Kessinger
Oct 31, 2021

I graduated from BHI completing the facial specialist and the Electrolysis/Laser programs. Ms B is an awesome teacher and is always willing to answer any questions you have and provide unconditional guidance. She allows for a tremendous amount of hands on which I found prepares you for your career. I cannot say enough good things about her and her class. As for the Electrolysis and Laser class, I don’t feel the same. For the price of this class I can honestly say I didn’t learn near as much as I did in the Facial Specialist class. There was way too much downtime and not near enough hands on experience. I understand that the school supports this amount of downtime for studying for boards however the time is excessive for the price you pay. I can study at home for free. When I’m at school I expect to learn, not study. As for the administration they were all wonderful with the exception of Yana. She tries to steamroll everything she’s involved with to show she is in charge. This is not necessary. The students are adults and shouldn’t be treated as elementary school students. I lost all respect for her the way she presented herself in the classroom time after time. The rest of the administration team were absolutely wonderful. To sum it up, this school is very worthy of the Facial Specialist program! I can’t say the other course is worth the value.

Oct 23, 2021

I attended BHI for facial/skincare and electrolysis. My teacher was Ms. Bianca Marrero and I cannot say enough amazing things about this woman! She truly cares for her students, is beyond educated about everything to do with skin care/working world, and is ALWAYS available to help you out. I graduated a couple of years ago and I STILL text her with any questions I might have. She is truly one of a kind and I would recommend anyone to her! She will make your experience worth while.

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