Starting a New Business

Understand the process of opening your own business step-by-step and connect with people who can help you along the way.

Starting a New Business

STEP 1/7

A. INCORPORATE your business

Why? Incorporating your business makes the business a legal entity. Even if you don’t have an address yet, you can always use a P.O Box or home address and update it later. Although this may cost just a bit more, it alleviates the task of needing to remember every year to renew your business license.

B. TRADEMARK your business name

Why? Protecting your business name is vital! You don’t want to put in so much work in marketing your business to find out that someone else stole your name and riding off of your hard work and reputation.

C. Get your Domain name!

Now that you have your business name chosen, buy the domain name. Make sure your domain name is exactly what your business name is. If the “.com” is not available don’t freak out, .net or .co is fine as well. Most people will find your link via social media or google, therefor your customers won’t have to remember whether it was “.com” or “.net”.

D. Build the website.

I love how easy and affordable GoDaddy is for simple 1-4 page websites. They have great designers and templates for you to choose from. They even can help integrate e-commerce onto your site if you’re selling products directly online.

For a more complex website contact DevMax

When your email ends with @(your business name).com, it just looks so much more professional than @gmail or @yahoo.

E. Get an email with your business name!

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STEP 2/7

A. INSURE your business!

This is not a joke, insure your business. This is the type of peace of mind that will help you sleep at night. What I love about Tivly is they do the shopping for you. They are the LARGEST ONLINE insurance broker and can cater to aesthetics businesses.

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STEP 3/7

Need/want a loan?

Usually most people need some type of equipment financing (since some machines may be the most expensive asset in your business, sometimes a loan is necessary). Lendio has an easy to use platform that will shop for the best lender that will meet your needs.

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STEP 4/7

Now that you’re ready to show off, GET A LOGO, let’s get some marketing material!

A. Get your logo

Vistaprint can create a beautiful logo for you. I HIGHLY recommend making sure you have a logo for your business!

B. Get promotional items printed

I highly recommend getting small items with your logo on it that either can be given away for free to either potential customers or current. Establishing a recognizable brand is essential to making sure people remember you! Put your logo on pens, cups, or even cloths!

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STEP 5/7

Gulf Management Systems is going to be your BEST FRIEND in making sure to keep your business ORGANIZED!

A. Get organized

CRM” stands for Customer Relationship Management. GMS is absolutely perfect for aesthetic businesses. They have software that is so beautiful to help you with scheduling, marketing, accepting payments, and so much more. DON’T pay high processing fees!!

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STEP 6/7

Get an easy phone number (maybe with your business name) and a security system for your place.

A. Get a phone number

Having a phone number with a recorded line is important for so many reasons. Don’t give out your personal cellphone!

B. Secure your business

Having security cameras in your place of business is essential, I would not skip out on this!

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STEP 7/7

Almost everything I’ve learned to help me grow BHI wasn’t business school, but Marcus Lemonis. I’ve watched every business video he’s put out multiple times, he’s truly an incredible resource. 

I hope all my students who want to open their own business watch his videos, and the best part is they’re all FREE:

Sunny Moroz, President.