I am so much Excited to write this review.I was nervous on the first day of the school but when I met all the staff and my skin care instructor (Ms.Cathy)I was so comfortable,my BHI experience is excellent …I just got graduated When I came to BHI for tour in very first time I had great feeling Staff is so good and knowledgeable They are very welcoming… You will get lots of Hands on Experience in BHI while studying and that is very important .you will be completely confident in the school only … I got really good knowledge of everything… Whoever is searching for the school Please don’t wait and plan a tour It is really worth coming here You will be a complete new person after the school Ms.Cathy (instructor) she was my teacher she is the best very polite calm and lots of confidence All staff and teachers are good but I had her experience This is the right place to start your career 👍