Carrie Kessinger

I graduated from BHI completing the facial specialist and the Electrolysis/Laser programs. Ms B is an awesome teacher and is always willing to answer any questions you have and provide unconditional guidance. She allows for a tremendous amount of hands on which I found prepares you for your career. I cannot say enough good things about her and her class. As for the Electrolysis and Laser class, I don’t feel the same. For the price of this class I can honestly say I didn’t learn near as much as I did in the Facial Specialist class. There was way too much downtime and not near enough hands on experience. I understand that the school supports this amount of downtime for studying for boards however the time is excessive for the price you pay. I can study at home for free. When I’m at school I expect to learn, not study. As for the administration they were all wonderful with the exception of Yana. She tries to steamroll everything she’s involved with to show she is in charge. This is not necessary. The students are adults and shouldn’t be treated as elementary school students. I lost all respect for her the way she presented herself in the classroom time after time. The rest of the administration team were absolutely wonderful. To sum it up, this school is very worthy of the Facial Specialist program! I can’t say the other course is worth the value.