Facial/Skin Care Specialist Program – 280 hours

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0% interest is available if the full program cost is paid in full prior to graduation.
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Part Time: 5 months = 1100(monthly payment)
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0% interest is available if the full program cost is paid in full prior to graduation.
Full Time: 3 months = $1,833 (monthly payment)
Part Time: 5 months = $1100 (monthly payment)

Full-Time: 9:00am – 3:30pm 2.5 Months (Monday-Friday)
Part-Time: 4:00pm – 9:00pm 5 Months (Monday-Wednesday)
Classes Start once per month . Start Dates

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Program Cost $5,500

Paid off by graduation

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Program Objective

The Program Objective is to prepare a student for the workforce, on entry level, to work as a Licensed Facial/Skin Care Specialist. Instruction is designed to qualify students for employment upon successfully obtaining a Facial Specialty Certification from the Florida Board of Cosmetology.

Program Description

The Program is designed to meet the educational requirements set forth by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Division of Professions, Board of Cosmetology. The Program focuses on broad, transferable skills, and stresses the understanding and the ability to demonstrate the elements of Cosmetology Industry of planning, management, finance, the technical and production skills underlying such technological principles such as: labor, community, health, safety, and environmental issues. The Program includes 65 clock hours of classroom (Theory/Didactic), and 195 clock hours of instruction in a clinical setting (Lab Applications), which includes 40 clock hours of Facial Services. “Facial Services” is defined as: services performed on a client that involves manipulation (massage) of the face by, hands-on techniques, or electrical techniques. The “Services” performed by the student include techniques involving skin care, and hair removal. The basic program follows the curriculum concepts listed in the Florida Department of Education, Curriculum Frameworks and Program Standards. The Program includes: communication, leadership, human relations and employability skills; safe and efficient work practices; Florida Cosmetology Law and Rules; acquisition of knowledge of the Facial Specialist and related chemistry; bacteriology; anatomy and physiology; art of make-up; and development of skills in performing the manipulative and electrical techniques required in the practice of a Facial Specialist occupation.

Program Outline

Safety & Levels of Decontamination
Florida Law & Rules and Statutes
Professional Development & Employment Skills
Entrepreneurship & Management Skills
Performing Facials and Lab
Facial Manipulation & Related Massage with Lab
The Art of Make-up
Waxing/Hair Removal
High Frequency
Chemical Peels
LED Light Therapy
Radio Frequency
Micro Current
Vitamins and Nutrition for the Skin
Intro to Eyelash Applications
Intro to Microneedling
Skin Analysis
Skin Conditions
Eye lash lift
Brow and Lash Tint

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