About the Beauty and Health Institute

What Makes US Different?

  • Small classes We don’t allow more than 24 students in each class. This ensures adequate hands-on and attention for all students.
  • Educators We invest highly into our educators. With many years of experience and extensive continuing education in place, our educators are well-versed in aesthetics. Our educators are passionate about the field and are constantly learning about new modern equipment through various presentation, seminars and new teaching methodology courses . Our sister company Arviv Medical Aesthetics helps our educators always be well-informed in the worlds latest technologies and services offered to the clients.
  • Equipment/Supplies One of the things we pride ourselves on a lot, is having superior products and supplies that our students practice/train with.

– $100k laser hair removal machine from Syneron-Candela.

– Partnered with “Advanced-Esthetic” and purchased their FDA approved aesthetic devices that don’t necessarily need FDA approval but chose to do so just to be safe.

– Partnered with Dectro International and became the first school in Florida to carry the Optivizion and xCell Pur and Pro. Have flown our educators to their head-quarters in Canada multiple times for continuing education.

– Partnered with Image skincare line which the internationally recognized conglomerate “Hard Rock” also uses in their Florida locations.

– Purchased state of the art furniture from Dectro which is all hand crafted and made in Canada using superior quality materials.

– Rest assured, any and all devices we choose to bring into our school must meet our high standards, because we want to prepare our graduates for the best!

  • ONLY 2 Programs Because all we teach is Skincare and Electrolysis/Laser which are directly correlated we can focus on only those topics with all of our energy and resources.

You won’t find any curling irons, hair straighteners, nail polish, or massage rooms here!

  •    NO FAFSA Because we don’t offer FAFSA, we are not incentivized to make the programs longer than they need to be and because they are shorter, they are more affordable! We have multiple financing options, some that you don’t have to pay anything until you graduate, some that will approve low credit scores, and even an option with no credit check at all.

Vision Statement

Beauty and Health Institute believes that any person willing to apply themselves, work hard and learn new techniques can achieve success in any field. Our curriculum is provided in a format that promotes student success in the classroom and the workforce. To support this vision, BHI strives to:

  • Ensure that all students reach graduate status and find employment in their field of study.
  • Provide an atmosphere where learning is the focus of all activities.
  • Create desire in students and graduates to become life-long learners.
  • Improve the community served by creating a desire in students and graduates to respond to community needs by giving back as members of society and ambassadors of their profession.

Our Medical Doctors

Dr. Tali Arviv


Dr. Tali Arviv is an Internal Medicine physician. She graduated with honors in 2006 from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor’s in Science. She then pursued a degree in medicine and completed her medical education at Ross University School of Medicine in 2011 followed by her Residency at Orlando Regional Medical Center where she completed her training in Internal Medicine.

Dr. Arviv’s passion for aesthetics stems from her love for art, photography, and theater. In high school, she studied architecture, interior designing and graphic designing exposing her creative side which at first encouraged her to pursue a degree in architecture. However, after some time she realized her connection to people and the community and wanted to be more involved and have more interaction with people. She then decided to take a different path in her education. After taking an EMT course at HCC she felt compelled to pursue a career in medicine. While attending college she began working with Dr. Dilenno in Clearwater, Florida as a surgical assistant doing hair transplants. While in medical school, she received additional training at the Beauty and Health Institute in Tampa, Florida and became a Certified Medical Electrologist. She continued to use her skills working part time at Lasertouch Soho, in Manhattan, New York as a laser hair removal technician. During her residency training, she obtained additional education in aesthetic medicine, attended conferences and workshops held by the American Academy of Anti-Aging, and was trained by Dr. Kantzler in the art of Botox and Dermal Fillers.

Dr. Arviv is the Vice President of Beauty and Health Institute and provides education and courses in aesthetics for other physicians and nurse practitioners. In addition to her aesthetics practice, Dr. Arviv encourages her patients to make lifestyle changes to improve their health from the inside out. She finds it rewarding that she is able to complement patient care with personalized medical aesthetic services that are safe, effective and meet her patients’ needs. Her plans on a fellowship in aesthetics and anti-aging will allow her to become more specialized in this field. Her goal is to keep up with the new technology and breakthroughs in aesthetics and anti-aging.

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