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Below are some recent success stories from BHI graduates.

Taimi Gonzalez

Best class with ms Brittany!! Thank you for all the knowledge and skills learn

Florida Gal

My experience at Beauty & Health Institute (BHI) was terrific and I highly recommend attending if you are interested in getting licensed! I wish I had chosen BHI first before I wasted my time and money attending a newer (and much cheaper) school in Tampa. (More on that below.) I found BHI to be very professional and extremely well run from the initial school tour to orientation to graduation day. Everyone on the staff and administration was friendly, genuinely helpful and always answered my questions in a timely manner. My instructor Ms Cathy is a sweetheart and was extremely passionate about everything related to skincare and I found each class lesson to be very interesting and engaging. She always took time for us and treated everyone equally with great respect and she demonstrated endless patience to help those who were behind and struggling. Happily, I graduated and got my facial specialist certification in December 2022. Regarding the other school I withdrew from, please learn from my mistakes; 1.) I would not attend a school where the owner/administration/instructors are all the same person. You want administrators and instructors separate from the owners (Like BHI) 2.) Choose a school that has been in business for several years. (Like BHI) 3.) Choose a school that is listed by Better Business Bureau and also has a good rating (BHI is A rated on BBB). 4.) Don’t rely solely on Google reviews! The owner of the school I originally attended was extremely intimidating and known to get mediocre or bad reviews taken down and get former students to only write glowing reviews. (Any business with exclusively 5 star reviews and not one lesser review is a red flag.) Speak directly with other former students to get their candid input. 5.) Only choose a school where you can tour while classes are in session like BHI does. You want to view the instructor's personality and teaching style, even if only for a few moments. Good luck in your endeavors! And a huge thanks to Ms Cathy and everyone at Beauty Health Institute for a wonderful experience!


Ms. B and Ms. Jenn are the best!!! So thankful for all of their support and knowledge! Would love for the entire place to give this warm vibe… it would be the best school ever!

Taylor Styke

Beauty and Health has been a second home for the last 6 months. I can honestly say that Ms. B is a diamond in the rough and has affirmed my decision to join the aesthetic industry.


BHI was an amazing experience, I learned so much more than I could’ve imagined.


Thoroughly enjoyed my experience at BHI! Mrs. B was an amazing teacher and I feel like she truly prepared us to start in the esthetics industry.


Ms Cathy is the greatest instructor, the school is cleaned and organized and helps us succeed.


I was very happy with my overall experience at BHI. Ms. Cathy was the best teacher to have. She was so patient and supportive.


Ms. Cathy was such an inspirational teacher and so supportive, as well as all the staff.

Madisyn Thompson

I graduated from the medical aesthetician program back in February and have already written a review but I feel I should write another as I see a few negative reviews about the teachers. I had Ms. B for my skin care class and absolutely fell in love with skin because of her. She is very personable and makes the class fun. Would always be making our class laugh, connecting what we were learning with the outside world, and was always hands on with us which is what made what we were learning easier to understand. She is an amazing teacher. For my electrology class, I had Mrs. Olga, who is also an amazing teacher. She may be alittle blunt and very hard on you sometimes but that is only because she wants you to pass the state board as you are spending lots of money and time to do so. Mrs Olga cares about all of her students and pushes you to be the best you can be. I’m very saddened to see any negative reviews about her or any other teachers. With that said, I couldn’t have chosen a better school to start my career in!

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