Thai Yoga Class (2 Days)

What is Thai Yoga Massage?

Thai Yoga Massage is well-known for its healing abilities. Even though it is a centuries old system, the technique’s popularity continues to grow. It basically includes rhythmic massage, acupressure, yogic stretching, gentle twisting, energy work and meditation. If you wish to become a Thai Yoga Massage practitioner, this 2-day course will help you accomplish that goal.

Class Durations

2 Days (12 hours)

What does the Thai Massage course entail?

  • Student will learn ayurvedic routine, including energy lines of the body.
  • Learn about holistic healing, spiritual practice, and yoga therapy, so you channel them while imparting this very effective method.
  • To ensure your understanding of the art is more thorough, we touch on the theory, history, and philosophy of traditional Thai massage.
  • Take bodyworking skills to a whole other level with detailed knowledge of back walking, side lying position, seated position, elbow presses into the back, and advanced Thai stretches, so you can easily work with more challenging body types.
  • Improve body mechanics and refine techniques perfectly so that every massage session goes off smoothly.
  • Learn how to deliver both 90- to 180-minute Thai massage sessions with confidence.
  • Gain insight into Luesii Dat Ton, which are world-famous therapeutic stretching techniques for self care. It also helps you suggest proper poses to clients after care.
  • The routine is done on thai mat (on floor) w/both client + therapist dressed comfortably for stretching.

What You get after course:

  • Certificate of Training
  • Literature

What can you expect?

Our sole objective is to train and hone your talent in the field of Thai Massage therapy, which can be an extremely lucrative career option if pursued with dedication.

Therapist can charge up to $150-200 for a one-hr session because this treatment is highly specialized, energy work.

We utilize a combination of bodywork demonstrations and interactive sessions for the duration of the course. We have qualified instructors on board who are experts in practicing Thai Yoga Massage. To know more about the course, please get in touch with us via phone, email or contact form on our contact page.

Class size:

We provide small classes (5-7 students) to give individualized training.

Available Dates
No dates available at this time. Please call to request class date.
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Per Person$360