Hot Stone Massage Class

What is Hot Stone Massage?

Historically, heated stones use in massage has been practiced for many years ago all over the globe, particularly in Asia, and Native Americans. In the early 1990’s, Tucson massage therapist called Mary Nelson did a modern renewal of hot stones in massage.  Hot stone massage is a field where heated stones that are not rough are placed on the body to relax tight muscles, to enhance energy flow of the body, reduce inflammation and other numerous health benefits. The use of heated stone in massage is not the same with other kinds of massage, it requires a very calm touch, but at times, the therapist might only need to place the hot stones on the body.

Taking into consideration how the hot stone massage functions, the therapy is right for people who usually tend to feel unpleasantly cold and also nice for individuals who experience muscle pressure. The heated stones aid the muscles to be stress-free and among the most generally acknowledged benefits of hot stone massage include stress relief, pain relief, and circulation enhancement, remove toxin, ease depression, and reduce restlessness.

However, hot stone massage can be used to restore health to the body due the reason that the stones that are used have a great composition of iron, calcium and also with other great features. All these composition/features are proficient at bringing back the natural energy flow of the body. This natural flow of energy when not displace helps to uphold a general feeling or emotion of your comfort and a hale and hearty mentality and body.

Class Duration

1 Day (6 hours)

What does the Hot Stone Massage course entail?

  • Students will learn set-up heating
  • Methods of applying massaging w/ stones
  • Which stones, sizes to use for different areas
  • Therapist will learn to do more effective deep work w/ heated stones
  • Relaxation techniques

What You get after course:

  • Certificate of Training
  • Literature w/ instruction

What can you expect?

Therapist can charge up to $85-150 for a session

Class size:

We provide small classes (5-7 students) to give individualized training.

Available Dates
No dates available at this time. Please call to request class date.
10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Per Person$150