Eyelash Extensions Course: Classic Lashes

*Must be certified already as a facial skin care specialist or currently enrolled in BHI.
**Model required; to arrive at 1:30 pm
*** Although licensing is not required in order to participate in this training, it is your responsibility to obtain appropriate license to provide services to the public

Don’t miss out on our Eyelash Class!

Our Instructor has more than 8 years of experience and constantly improving her skills by learning new techniques and trends!

You will learn how to enhance your clients’ own beauty by creating a natural look! Or go dramatic and mysterious!
You can even achieve more playful looks by adding some colors! No matter what look your client prefers, high quality work will cause no harm to natural lashes!
During the class, you will have plenty of hands on to feel confident and knowledgeable working with clients on your own!

Kit includes:
A professional small cosmetic case, lashes (.07 and .15 C Curl mixed length 9-14 mm) and practice strip lash, adhesive, curved and fine point tweezers, Bio-Gel pads, gentle foam cleanser, gel remover, lash toner, C2 Sealer, micro applicator brushes, U-Band, plastic glue rings, mascara wands, dental mirror.

Benefits of training at BHI compared to others:
Students/Professionals who take the Eyelash Extension Certification at BHI have the benefit of additional income. Included in your kit is enough products/materials to perform between 15-20 services. This is income that will be 100% profit. If you were to train at another facility/business, they may provide training (average cost $1500-$1800) however, you will only receive hourly wage. With the kit provided by BHI you have the potential to make between $1200-$1500 within your 1st 15 clients.

We will help you be the best in the industry!

Before Coming to Class
– All students are required to wear scrubs.
– All student are required to wear closed toe shoes.
– Must bring note taking material.
– Must bring in Gov’t ID to verify participant.
Available Dates
No dates available at this time. Please call to request class date.
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Public Price (Includes Kit)$799
BHI Student/Alumni Price (Includes Kit)$599