Eyelash Extensions Course + Kit

Don’t miss out on our Eyelash Class!

Our Instructor has more than 10 years of experience and constantly improving her skills by learning new techniques and trends on international conventions around the world!

You will learn how to enhance your clients’ own beauty by creating a natural look! Or go dramatic and mysterious!
You can even achieve more playful looks by adding some colors! No matter what look your client prefers, high quality work will cause no harm to natural lashes!
During the class, you will have plenty of hands on to feel confident and knowledgeable working with clients by your own!

Kit includes:
A professional small cosmetic box, headband magnifying glasses, disposable micro applicator brushes, a gem jade stone, disposable plastic glue ring and mascara brushes, dental mirror, hand air pump,eye patches,micro-pore tape, slanted straight and curved tweezers, practice lashes, de-bonder, remover (eye makeup), and adhesive.

We will help you be the best in the industry!

Available Dates
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Per 1 Person (Includes Kit)$499