Ear Candling Class

What is ear candling?

Contrary to common belief, ear candling can be an extremely efficient way of cleansing impurities and dirt from the ear canal. But the process has to be performed correctly, and that is exactly what we teach here, so you can do the same with confidence. It involves inserting a tapered candle in someone’s ear and lighting the other end so the flame creates a partial vacuum, which draws out the earwax and other debris.

Class Durations

1 Day (3 hours)

What does the course include?

  • In order to pay personal attention, we take on just 5 to 7 students per class. The course is a day-long tutorial, by the end of which, you will be provided with certification and a set of ear candles to start off.
  • This technique can be performed anywhere with the right equipment and tools – portability is a huge benefit in this case.
  • Know more about the ear anatomy and conditions associated with the ear and auditory canal.
  • Learn what safety measures you need to follow during the ear candling process. You will be able to aid people who wish to gently and effectively remove earwax, dirt, etc. from the ear.
  • Techniques are also taught so the client feels relaxed, comfortable, and at ease. This way they are more open to trying out the procedure.

What scope do you have?

This course is intended for beginners in the beauty and holistic industry or those looking to add extra skills to their resume. You can get excellent employment opportunities after completing this course. This method not only clears the ear of impurities, but it relieves ear ache, reduces sinus pressure, and promotes healing. If you offer ear candling as a package deal with regular massage, you can easily earn $50 to $60, while the latter alone can fetch you a neat sum of at least $15 or more. Please enroll and book your spot right away!

Available Dates
No dates available at this time. Please call to request class date.
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Per person$85