Microdermabrasion Class (Includes Micro-Lymph Machine)

What is microderm treatment?

Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure that is steadily growing in terms of popularity. It is a non-surgical treatment that reveals youthful and glowing skin beneath the superficial layer of dry, dead skin cells. This is a great chance for you to build a career in this particular field and garner a significant income as well.

Class Durations

1 Days (6 hours)

The 1-day course includes:

  • This includes knowledge regarding the different layers of skin and how each of those is affected due to dead skin cells.
  • Know how to administer treatments with microderm, for conditions such as dull complexion, sun damage, stretch marks, poorly textured skin, age spots, uneven skin tones, dark spots that appear after acne starts to clear, melasma, etc.
  • Skin profiling – it helps to identify corrective skin care and its benefits depending on individual skin type and condition.
  • Learn how to use the equipment and tools required for the micro-exfoliation treatments along with safety procedures to be implemented.
  • We provide step-by-step instructions on how to proceed with the treatment, so by the time you practice you know exactly what you are doing.
  • Ensuring you are familiar with contraindications, in order to take care of an adverse reaction to the treatment (just in case).
  • Know about decontamination levels – it involves cleansing and exfoliating the skin thoroughly to prevent clogging of pores in future.
  • Client demonstration and hands-on training so you can put your skills to good use.

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The advanced course is perfect for skin care professionals who want to venture further into the skincare and beauty industry by knowing implementation of microdermabrasion procedures within their esthetic practice. Once you are certified, you can begin practicing, so don’t wait any longer – sign up for the course today!


Available Dates
4:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Per 1 person$1200