Laser Hair Removal Program – 30 Hours

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Short training • Long Career

Program Objective

Beauty and Health Institute’s Laser Hair Removal class prepares students for professional success as a Laser Hair Removal technician. Laser Hair Removal technicians are in demand in a wide range of businesses, from salons and day spas to doctors’ offices, resorts, and as self-employed business owners.

Program Description

Students are instructed in a clinical/spa setting that offers extensive practical knowledge and training in the treatment of hair removal. The class is 30 hours of theory and hands-on clinical training enabling students to apply, practice and perfect techniques under the guidance of a licensed instructor

Program Outline

  • Proper sanitation, sterilization and infection control procedures required in the field of Laser Hair Removal
  • Laser Hair Removal treatment techniques
  • Client assessment, pre- and post- treatment procedures, general treatment procedures, contraindications, consultations, and follow-up care
  • Expected and possible adverse outcomes
  • Handpiece and spot size considerations
  • Fitzpatrick skin typing and biology of the hair
  • Laser and light-based hair removal physics, fluence settings, and safety/precautions
  • Florida Statutes and Rules for Laser Hair Removal practitioners
  • Principles of clinic and office management
  • Hands-on training

Florida law has been changed to allow Electrolysis students to take their required laser training at any time. You no longer have to wait until you have passed your state board exam before you can take your laser training. You can operate a hair removal laser with a temporary permit, providing you have completed all of the additional requirements (Temporary permit to practice electrolysis, CME, insurance, supervising physician). We also offer Laser Hair Removal training to ARNPs, Physician Assistants, and Physicians for Continuing Education.

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