Hair Transplant Technician Program – 650 hours

Short-term training for long-term careers

Program Description

Beauty and Health Institute’s Hair Transplant Technician Program prepares students for professional success in the rapidly expanding industry of Hair Transplantation. The Hair Transplant Technician program is a total of 650 hours of which 250 are lecture/theory hours and 400 are clinical/hand on hours of which the student will be trained in prepping the room and the patient; setting up the surgical tray, cutting hair follicles under microscopes, planting hair follicles, assisting the surgeon during the procedure; providing the patient with post-operative instructions; and answering questions from the patient.

Program Outline

  • Introduction to Hair Transplantation/Replacement – 10 hours
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Hair – 20 hours
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Skin – 20 hours
  • Nervous and Endocrine Systems – 20 Hours
  • Circulatory System – 20 Hours
  • Sanitation and Sterilization – 30 Hours
  • Fundamentals of Ethnic Skin Types – 30 Hours
  • Dermatology/HIV AIDS/Medical Errors – 40 Hours
  • Contradictions of Minerals/Drugs – 30 Hours
  • Patient Preparation and Consideration – 30 Hours
  • Clinical Hands on Training – 400 hours

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